Web Copy

Words for your website

The right writing for your website

Clear information, brand values, tone and style … web copy has a lot of responsibility in marketing your business.

Fewer words, targeted well, create a big impact

and cost less too.

Better yet, this ‘fewer words’ approach works for many audiences.

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Got your site plan all worked out?

Get web copy for each section, including CTAs, headings and button text.

ZealAgency's owner knew exactly the information, style, and tone he wanted on his site.

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Not sure what you need on your website?

Get sensible suggestions for copy and content on your site.

TamingTail's owner knew he needed a website, but didn't know what information to use.

Articles & blogs

Written content for your blog

Dodge the stress

Deadlines are aptly named, so save yourself both time and strain.

Get SEO-ready articles and posts, in batches or one-offs.

You just provide the topics and themes.

No content strategy? Let’s talk. You’ll get more value from blogs with a specific purpose.

Article Examples

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Keywords: does your website still need them?

If you've gone any distance towards having a website created for your business, or making one yourself, you'll know that there's such a thing as 'Keywords'. These are used in at least two areas on a webpage, and in two different ways. But they're both used for the same reason. Or, at least, they were, historically. Until now.


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17 Food-addiction-causing things - How to fight hunger dieting?

Addiction is one of the modern-day horror stories, a tale of helplessness, self-destruction, and lost opportunities. When you think of addiction, you probably imagine people who take drugs or drink too much alcohol, but unfortunately, we humans are nothing if not diverse. We can become addicted to just about anything.


Get a quote

Prices start from £20 per post, with great discounts for batches with over 12 items.


Digital marketing content

Expand your customer base

Grab your audience’s attention

Create impact, maintain interest, and stoke their desires across all your platforms. This is the fun part!

White papers and lead magnets

They sign up for the free content, and you get permission to send them email marketing. It works.

Email marketing

Target your email list, convey the essential information in an engaging way, and convince your leads. You have the power!

Social media posts

140 characters or less, designed to hook your audience, link to your content, and fire them off down your sales funnel.

Landing pages

Landing pages do one job only: they’re an arrival point for potential customers interested in a specific offer.

Get effective CTAs, button text, and original landing page text.

E-learning content

Engage your learners

Refresh your learning content

Use well-written materials for more effective learning.

Update your learning content with a professionally written version.

Accurate information structured carefully for clarity.

Workshop presentation text, training manuals, and content mapped to learning outcomes.

Two little learning tools I made earlier

5 Ways Good Web Writing is Great for your Business

5 Ways Good Web Writing is Great for your Business on SlideShare

How to Boost your Business with Good Web Writing

How to Boost your Business with Good Web Writing on SlideShare

Writing for print (and other stories)

Real-world writing

The printed word

Despite the rise of digital, there’s still a strong market for print, and everyone’s got a book inside them.

Hit the markets with your own top-quality print-on-demand book.

Professional proofreading, editing, and formatting, and assistance with the self-publishing process.

Once your book’s out there, that’s it. Easy residual income.

Non-web digital publications

Get help with structuring and writing business proposals, presentations, papers, and reports.

Make your case with a clear structure and direct language.

Proofreading, copy editing, and formatting, can make all the difference to success.

Front cover for 4 Steps to Social Media Marketing for Crafters

4 Steps to Social Media Marketing for Crafters

My recently self-published guide book to help online microbusinesses make the most of their digital marketing.

Designed, published, and written by me.


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